General Smart Master Materials, Mark. 01

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A Set of 27 smart master materials with high customization features for general purpose material instances, featuring mobile materials, PC materials, bump offset, and tessellation.

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Simply drag and drop your texture maps to the material instance, fine tune and finalize your materials at once!

This package contains a set of 27 smart master material with high customization features for general purpose material instances for mobile and PC/console game development. A number of 10 custom material functions are also included.

Master material featuring:

1)     Mobile master materials (Basic)

2)     Low-end brand PC/console master materials(Advanced)

3)     Hight map with bump offset feature for mid-end brand PC/console master materials (Height)

4)     Height map with tessellation feature for high-end brand PC/console master materials (Tessellation)

Within each major blueprint type, master material structures are listed as follows:

1)     _DM(S)RN: Diffuse, Metallic (Specular), Roughness, Normal

2)     _DM(S)RNA: Diffuse, Metallic (Specular), Roughness, Normal, Ambient Occlusion

3)     _ DRN_M(S): Diffuse, Roughness, Normal, Metallic (Specular) simulated from the roughness map

4)     _DRNA_M(S): Diffuse, Roughness, Normal, Ambient Occlusion, Metallic (Specular) simulated from the roughness map. 

Technical Details


·        3 master materials for mobile application development (Basic_)

·        8 master materials for low-end PC/console development (Advanced_)

·        8 master materials featured with height bump offset (Height_)

·        8 master materials for high-end PC/console development (Tessellation_)

Number of Master Materials: 27

Number of Material Functions: 10

Number of Sample Textures: 6

Number of Sample Material Instances: 27

Folders Include: Level Content, Maps, Materials, Textures

Supported Development Platforms: Android, iOS (Basic series only), Windows, Mac, PS4, Xbox One

Support Target Build Platforms: Windows, Mac, PS4, Xbox One 



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