Skydive and Parachute Kit

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Skydiving and Parachuting animations with complete assets for seamless integration.

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4.20 Video:

Video Preview:

Demo Download:


4.20+ has a different layout for some blueprints and files. It has 3 new skins and 3 new animations.

All other Unreal versions remain the same.

This kit contains all animations for instantly adding skydiving and parachuting into a project.

Backpack and parachute meshes come with multiple textures and animations.

Blueprints showcase what can be done with assets in this kit (download demo).

Perfect for open-world games, airplane add-ons, or battle royale / last-man-standing projects. 

Blueprints done with anticipation of multi-player use. These are freebies and put together to show how the animations can best be used. Main assets in this kit are the animations, meshes, and textures.

Kit Includes:

9 Animations for Unreal Epic Skeleton

2 Blendspaces for Unreal Epic Skeleton

1 Animation Blueprint for Unreal Epic Skeleton

3 Animations for Parachute Skeleton

5 Blueprints (Backpack, Parachute, Player, GameMode, Widget)

16 Materials (8 Backpack, 8 Parachute)

1 Static Mesh (Backpack)

2 Skeletal Meshes (Backpack and Parachute)

18 Textures (9 Backpack, 9 Parachute) Diffuse and Normals

All Textures are: 2048 x 2048

Technical Details



Unreal Epic Skeleton

  • FastDive
  • FastDiveLeft
  • FastDiveRight
  • ParachuteDeploy
  • ParachuteLand
  • ParachuteOpen
  • ParachuteOpenLeft
  • ParachuteOpenRight
  • SkydiveIdle

Parachute Skeleton

  • P_ParachuteDeploy
  • P_ParachuteLand
  • P_ParachuteOpen


  • Camo
  • Fabric
  • RWB (Red, White, & Blue)
  • Skull
  • Target

Scaled to Epic skeleton: (Yes)

Rigged: (Yes)

Rigged to Epic skeleton: (Yes)

Animated: (Yes)

Texture Resolutions: 2048 x 2048

Number of Animations: 12 Total + 7 Epic Content

Animation types (Root Motion/In-place): Both

Supported Development Platforms: (PC, MAC, Mobile)

Supported Target Build Platforms: (PC, MAC)

Documentation: E-Mail Support

Important/Additional Notes: Asset Pack is for Animations, Meshes, and Textures. Blueprints are simply references for how to stitch everything together.



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