Skydive and Parachute Kit

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Skydiving and Parachuting animations with complete assets for seamless integration.

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4.20 has a different layout for some blueprints and project files and has three additional skins.

All other Unreal versions remain the same.

This kit contains all animations necessary for instantly adding skydiving and parachuting functions into your project.

It also includes backpack and parachute meshes with multiple textures and necessary animations.

Blueprints have been done up to give you an example of what can be done with the animations in this kit. 

Perfect for open-world games, airplane add-ons, or battle royale / last man standing projects. 

Blueprints were done with anticipation of multi-player use (replicated somewhat). These are freebies and are simply put together to show you how the animations can best be used. The main assets in this kit are the animations, meshes, and textures.

Kit Includes:

9 Animations for Unreal Epic Skeleton

2 Blendspaces for Unreal Epic Skeleton

1 Animation Blueprint for Unreal Epic Skeleton

3 Animations for Parachute Skeleton

5 Blueprints (Backpack, Parachute, Player, GameMode, Widget)

16 Materials (8 Backpack, 8 Parachute)

1 Static Mesh (Backpack)

2 Skeletal Meshes (Backpack and Parachute)

18 Textures (9 Backpack, 9 Parachute) Diffuse and Normals

All Textures are: 2048 x 2048

Technical Details



Unreal Epic Skeleton

  • FastDive
  • FastDiveLeft
  • FastDiveRight
  • ParachuteDeploy
  • ParachuteLand
  • ParachuteOpen
  • ParachuteOpenLeft
  • ParachuteOpenRight
  • SkydiveIdle

Parachute Skeleton

  • P_ParachuteDeploy
  • P_ParachuteLand
  • P_ParachuteOpen


  • Camo
  • Fabric
  • RWB (Red, White, & Blue)
  • Skull
  • Target

Scaled to Epic skeleton: (Yes)

Rigged: (Yes)

Rigged to Epic skeleton: (Yes)

Animated: (Yes)

Texture Resolutions: 2048 x 2048

Number of Animations: 12 Total + 7 Epic Content

Animation types (Root Motion/In-place): Both

Supported Development Platforms: (PC, MAC, Mobile)

Supported Target Build Platforms: (PC, MAC)

Documentation: E-Mail Support

Important/Additional Notes: Asset Pack is for Animations, Meshes, and Textures. Blueprints are simply references for how to stitch everything together.



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