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The cutting-edge command console and superpowered scripting solution for UE4. Powerful and feature-rich, yet simple and easy to learn. Native game concepts. Deep integration with Blueprints and C++. Amazing live workflow. SkookumScript is made for games.

  • Supported Platforms
  • Supported Engine Versions
    4.11 - 4.16



Recipient of the coveted Unreal Development Grant!

Hi there! We are the mad computer scientists from Agog Labs, and we’re here to explain how our ubernifty creation, SkookumScript, transforms game development.

First, SkookumScript’s cutting-edge command console turbocharges your workflow (at any stage of development) by enabling you to query and manipulate any UE4 game as it runs on any platform—without disrupting your existing tools, C++ code or BP graphs. So even if you aren’t looking for a scripting solution now, try our console. You’ll love it. We promise.

Then there’s SkookumScript itself—a text-based, compiled language that is made for games. With key game concepts such as concurrency built-in, SkookumScript empowers the entire team—from light coders to C++ veterans—to create sophisticated gameplay with surprisingly few lines of code. Its addictively useful IDE features live code changes with instant turnaround, context-sharing with the UE4 editor, and remote debugging. It painlessly scales with team size and content, and benevolently bridges between C++ and Blueprints—changes in SkookumScript are reflected live in Blueprint graphs and vice versa. Wow!

Lovingly crafted by veteran game developers, battle-tested on the hit AAA titles “Sleeping Dogs” and “Sleeping Dogs: Definitive Edition”, and now in use on several upcoming AAA and indie games, SkookumScript fills your game development experience with cackles of megalomaniacal glee. Better coding through mad science!

SkookumScript forum:
UE4 support thread:
UE4 wiki:

Technical Details

• SkookumScriptRuntime (Runtime)
• AgogCore (Runtime)
• SkookumScriptEditor (Editor)
• SkookumScriptEditorGUI (Editor)
• SkookumScriptGenerator (Program)

List of features:

Current and future platforms:
• UE4 projects (packaged): Win64, Win32, Mac, iOS, tvOS, Android, Xbox One, PS4, VR
• UE4 Editor: Win64 (Mac and Linux support coming soon)
• SkookumIDE Win64: (New UI with Mac and Linux support coming soon):

Contact us if you plan to develop for consoles. You must be a registered Xbox or PlayStation developer.

Engine compatibility: 4.11 (older versions supported on SkookumScript GitHub; see next link)

Docs included: Yes. Also see: Additional Docs

Additional notes: Can be used as either an engine plugin (adds to all UE4 projects) or as a project plugin (adds to a single project and allows binding to custom C++ code).

Recent builds, source and example projects(get the “SkookumDemo” to guide you through your first steps with SkookumScript):

We strongly recommend you sign up on the SkookumScript Forum to ask for support, report problems and boast about your SkookumScript triumphs:



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