Skeletronix: Procedural Skeleton Mesh Generation

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Skeletronix is a plugin for generating skeletal structures for any skeletal mesh. It uses a list of static mesh bones to measure your character and give it a skeleton for use in x-ray effects or zombie versions.

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Skeletronix utilizes profile assets which can be easily customized. Profiles contain several types of bones that can be added. Long bones, such as femurs, will be scaled automatically based on their start and end joints. Spines are constructed out of individual vertebrae and automatically positioned and rotated. All bone types can have their meshes specified in the profile so that you may use meshes other than the ones included. This means that Skeletronix is not limited to human creatures.

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Technical Details

List of Modules:
• Skeletronix (Runtime)

List of Features:
• Easy skeleton generation.
• Full set of human bone meshes.
• Easily customized profile assets.
• Full support for custom bone meshes.

Scaled to Epic skeleton: Yes
Number of Materials: 1
Number of Meshes: 18
Do Materials derive from a Master Material with instances as variation: No
Number of Textures: 3
Texture Resolution: 2048x2048, 2048x2048, 2048x2048
Intended Platforms: Windows PC
Platforms Tested: Windows PC
Documentation Included: Yes





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