Simulated Modular Earth

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Simulated Modular Earth System with Moon, Sun, Space

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Instance Editable Simulated Full Modular Earth System + Moon + Sun + Space.

And also you can create your own planet with your textures and set your custom simulation parameters in minute

Technical Details

Everything is Instance Editable:

  • Earth Axial Tilt, Rotation, Scale, Direction, Day Length (Speed)
  • Atmosphere Color, Opacity, Thickness
  • Clouds Height, Opacity, Color, Direction, Speed
  • Night Lights with editable intensity
  • Moon Axial Tilt, Orbit, Rotation, Distance, Scale, Direction, Month Length (Speed of complete it's orbit around the earth)
  • Sun Control (Same as Directional Light)
  • Space Texture, Opacity and Tiling
  • Instance Editable Textures (Drag and Drop) / Normal Map, Specular and Roughness intensities

Texture Sizes: 8192x4096

Number of Meshes: 2 (Earth, Moon, Sun, Space uses same mesh with different materials)

Number of Materials and Material Instances: 7 Materials & 6 Instances

Number of Textures: 11



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