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An on SDL Framework based Plugin to use as many controllers as possible in UE4.

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This plugin is based on the SDL Framework and allows the use of much more controllers under UE4. It supports DirectInput and XInput Controllers. It runs independently of the UE4 controller settings. Controller inputs are fired via new Events. You can use these Events in almost all Blueprints. Not only in the Player Controller Blueprint. They work independently of the Focus.

Rumble is supported. Force Feedback (for steering wheels) may be implemented later. Please check the plugin with the UE4 test app before you buy it and write your experiences in the comments.

Compiled UE4 Test App (Win64, ~70MB) Download

UE4 Test App as Project (Plugin needed) 4.19, 4.21

I have a Mac now. I will check in the next days if a Mac and Linux version is possible and makes sense.

Technical Details

  • DirectInput and XInput
  • Hot Plugging
  • Change, Save and Load Axis and Button mapping.
  • Designed for Blueprint Users
  • Works in almost all Blueprints
  • No problems with focus. Events are always fired
  • Include C++ Source for C++ Projects
  • Documentation
  • Support: (ENG,GER)

Changelog (4.19, 4.20, 4.21)

  • (12/03/2018) Version 1.1: Button, Axis mapping and Axis inverting added. Saving and loading is also possible.



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