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UDP TCP Socket Client. Easy to use TCP and UDP Sockets in Blueprints.

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You can easily use TCP and UDP connections to send and receive data in blueprints with this plugin . This is a client. You can find my server plugin here. You don't need C++. I recommend my JSON plugin for data communication. I only tried Windows, Linux and Android. Therefore, only these are officially supported. But this plugin should run on any platform where the engine is running. Successfully compiled by Epic for Win32, Win64, Mac, iOS, Android. (You have to keep in mind that IOS blocks unsafe connections. It can be somehow deactivated. I do not have an IOS device and cannot help.)

I recommend this tool for testing and developing.

TCP Video.

Technical Details

  • Send and Receive over UDP
  • Send and Receiver over TCP
  • Asynchronous Background Task (Don't affect game performance)
  • Include C++ Source for C++ Projects
  • Tested with a Java and C++ Server
  • Documentation
  • Support: (ENG,GER)

Changelog (4.17, 4.18, 4.19)

  • (03/09/2018) Version 1.7: Multithreading rewritten for better compatibility.
  • (04/23/2018) Version 1.8: Added possibility to send bytes. Added API macro for C++ developers.
  • (05/09/2018) Version 1.9: UDP sending optimized.
  • (05/11/2018) Version 1.10: Bugfix. TCP connection is now stable even with many requests per second.

Changelog (4.18, 4.19, 4.20)

  • (04/27/2018) Version 1.11: Crash fixed. UDP: Peer client IP and port are transmitted now. 
  • (08/23/2018) Version 1.12: UDP. Workaround for an bug in a UE4 threading function on Android added.
  • (08/27/2018) Version 1.13: Bugfix. Characters bigger than one byte (Chinese, Russian, etc.) are now sent correctly.
  • (09/18/2018) Version 1.14: Fixed a bug that blocked connections with activated Steam and you can now specify whether the incoming data should be converted to String or not. This can increase the speed.  
  • (09/24/2018) Version 1.16: The Steam changes have problems with non Windows platforms. Therefore there is now the node "Change Socket Platform". 
  • (09/26/2018) Version 1.17: Bugfix. Russian letters work now correctly.



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