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Tired of convoluted and slow ways of exporting monoscopic 360 video from Unreal Engine 4? This is the plugin for you! This plugin does not export stereoscopic panoramas or rotation.

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**This plugin does not capture rotational movement. Rotation is locked due to how UE4 captures cubemaps.**
**This plugin is only supported within the Editor. It can not be included in cooked/packaged UE4 projects.**
**Not all post process effects work when capturing panoramas, so you may have to change your scene setup to compensate.**

For support, please join the Gamemakin LLC discord at


Provides a Panoramic Exporter actor that can be placed in any scene. It can be animated or attached to any animated object, or simply sit in place.

When placed, the Panoramic Exporter will export an image sequence with parameters configurable in the actor. You can then use the resulting image sequence located in Your Project\Saved\Panoramas to import into a video editing tool of your choice.

This plugin will only export monoscopic panoramas, not stereoscopic.

Technical Details

Drag and drop a Panoramic Exporter actor into your level and hit Play to begin exporting!

Allows you to configure:
Image Format (png, jpg, bmp, hdr*, exr)
Number of frames to capture
Number of frames to pre-roll (don't capture)
Fixed frame rate override
Capture resolution
Auto-exit when finished capturing if number of frames to capture is more than 0

Intended Platform: Windows



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