Simple Icon System

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Easy to implement solution for adding dynamic screen icons to world actors.

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Simple Icon System is designed to be a lightweight, versatile and quickly implemented icon display solution. It can easily be dropped in as a tool to help emphasize world actors or tag important game-play items and is well suited for rapid prototyping and testing.

It features a handful of useful customization options: Size, Texture, Visibility changes when close/far, Visibility when moving (velocity) and Visibility when line-of-sight is interrupted. Outside of these basic options the icon properties can also be modified at run time to allow you to run actor-relevant icon changes like animating the icon's size, changing the icon's texture or fading it out when in use.

The system consists of just an Actor Component and a Blueprint Interface as part of it's basic setup. It uses EQS to determine actor visibility rather than line traces, utilizes an auto-expanding ‘pool’ of widgets to add the icons only as needed, detects actors within range using an overlapping sphere collider and physically attaches the widget to the actor rather than relying on event tick to update it’s position at runtime.

All of this saves performance and also time manually configuring widget components with various visibility requirements across multiple actors.

Technical Details


  •  EQS based visibility tracing for performance and simplicity
  •  Widget actor pool to reduce spawn/destroy calls
  •  Customizable size, visibility, texture, relative offset
  • Well documented and made with modularity in mind

Important Note:

Please enable Editor Preferences > Environment Query System before implementation or the project will produce log errors on startup.

Number of Blueprints: 9

Network Replicated: No*

* The system itself will only run where the Pawn the actor component is attached to is locally controlled. In order to synchronize icon properties in multiplayer, simply pass replicated variables via the respective blueprint interface functions.

Supported Development Platforms: Windows, Mac, Linux

Supported Target Build Platforms: Windows, Mac, Linux




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