Simple Demolitions System

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SDS is a drag & drop Blueprint system that allows a user to quickly set up demolitions deployment logic in their Unreal Engine project.

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Using SDS, developers can set up grenade, landmine and satchel charge deployment in minutes. A robust suite of options for deployment are exposed, including individual explosion strength and radius values for grenades, landmines and satchel charges, slope thresholds for landmine and satchel charge placement, placement reach from player location, particle, sound and mesh parameters for all three explosives types, optional grenade stickiness, and satchel charge detonation type. (timer based, step-on based or detonation key based.)

In addition to deployment and detonation logic, this pack comes with several template materials utilizing a material function to apply damage visuals at explosion locations directly within the material utilizing distance field info, without having to calculate slope/projection bias values for expensive itemized projection based decals.

All included materials are neatly organized and labeled to allow for easy understanding of the system, as well as customization of its functions to fit your project's needs with ease.

Technical Details

Files by type:

Audio - 1
Blueprints - 5
Materials - 21 (including functions and instances)
Meshes - 3
Textures - 31

Intended Platform - Windows

Engine Compatibility - 4.14 and up

Platforms tested - Windows



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