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Color wheel style color picker built entirely in UMG.

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Color wheel style color picker built entirely in UMG. Supports control of both RGB and HSV with alpha as well as directly picking the color from the wheel. Comes with two versions: Regular and Simple.

The regular color picker supports the most features including:
- Interactive mouse driven Color Wheel.
- Real-Time Color Previewing.
- Smart Hex Input: Will automatically filter out any non Hex-Code characters as well as clamp the length of the entered text to prevent invalid values.
- Random Color independent of Alpha
- Color Harmonies: Includes Monochromatic, Complementary, Analogous, Split-Complementary, and Triadic. Some of which allow for extra adjustments based on a modifier.
- Color Themes: Save-able and Load-able user created color pallets. Themes can have as many or as few (at least 1) colors in them. They can be named, renamed, modified, and deleted all within the color picker widget.
- Toggle-able Features: Many of the features listed above can be turned on or off at widget creation. Don’t need Hex Input, don't enable it.

The Simple Color Picker includes the same basic functionality of its bigger brother except with only the essential features:
- Interactive mouse driven Color Wheel.
- Real-Time Color Previewing.
- Alpha support: This can be toggled on widget creation.
- Saturation and Value Sliders.
- Linking of Value to the Color wheel: This updates the look of the color wheel to match the Value (Essentially Brightness) of the color. This can be toggled in the widget.

Technical Details

Technical Details:
- Fully in UMG and Blueprint
- Includes Two Color Picker widget examples.
- Includes a Showcase Scene for changing the color of a material parameter applied to a static mesh.
- Includes a Full Tutorial blueprint on how to set up an Actor Blueprint similar to those found in the showcase.
- All Blueprints and widgets fully commented.
- All Blueprints neatly organized and wires run with little to no overlap where possible.



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