Quest And Dialogue Tree System

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Nonlinear dialogue tree system with quests.

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System can be used for any type of game, we created only working logic the GUI design is only up to you devs.

Youtube : part 1 part 2

Dialogue/quest example in videos/documentation and in project.

If you have any questions, comment below or contact me at

Technical Details

  •  Quest and dialogue nodes usable in any blueprint
  •  Sound/save/repeat-dont repeat/name options in dialogues
  •  Implemented xp/currency system
  • Dialogues can be created from data table and blueprint nodes
  • Quest journal with quest states
  • Quest trigger that can start/end/fail and update quest

12 Widgets, 3 Structures, 1 data table, 1 enumeration, 1 actor component, 9 Blueprints, 32 functions, 26 macros.

Input: "j" key to open/close journal, in dialogues we can choose in component which key do we want to press to start dialogue.

We can play with dialogue options/nodes and quest nodes like find quests/get quests states to create an advanced dialogue tree with consequences.

Network Replicated: No

Supported Development Platforms: Any platform

Supported Target Build Platforms: Any build platform


If you have any problems with the implementation/system contact me on



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