Silenced Gun Sounds

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Silenced Gun Sounds contains a total of 410 professional gun sound effects.

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Silenced Gun Sounds contains a total of 410 professional sound effects.


– 102 silenced gun sounds.

– 132 bullet sounds (flybys, bullet shells)

– 176 bonus sounds from Pro Sound Collection

Listen to the audio preview >HERE<

Sound list can be viewed >HERE<

ALL sounds from Silenced Gun Sounds are included in our complete sound package Pro Sound Collection, so if you need more sounds be sure to check it out before purchase.

Technical Details

Number of Audio tracks: 820 (410 Stereo, 410 Mono)

Number of Audio Cues: 844 (422 Stereo, 422 Mono)

List of included tracks: Yes (see description above)

How many sound FX: 820 (410 Stereo, 410 Mono)

File format: Unreal Engine (.uasset)

Both Stereo (2D) and Mono (3D) versions of all sounds provided. (Total unique sounds: 410)



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