Ships and Rocks

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Environment. 9 modular galleons, Chinese vessel, Shipwreck, rocks, reef and foliage... Over 170 models

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UPDATED (23.07.2018): Added flat rock, created collision for structural parts and removed grates from the merged galleon, fixed texture issues, updated to 4.20!

UPDATED (26.06.2018)

UPDATED (04.04.2018)

Update (animated galleon):

Short video (trailer):

Longer tutorial about the pack and water removing technique:

This package consists of over 170 meshes (including 5 Blueprints), 109 materials (53 materials, 42 Instances, 4 decals), all of them are parametric, 1 particle system, one sound asset (trailer soundtrack) , 170 Textures. Pack features Chinese Junk, merged galleon with rigging, 9 segments of the modular galleon (in the map there are positioned in a way that you can move entire segments and align differently sterns, bows and middles, creating overall 9 combinations of the ships Use snapping 500 and world coordinates to move them). One ship is merged and animated (5 animations: turning of the sails, wheel, steer). Ships use the method of removing water from interior of a ship, realistic water material with 4 different types of interlacing waves, glowing glass material, tessellated terrain material. The pack contains an environment which gives an idea on how the models can be used.

Technical Details


  • 109 materials (61 materials, 48 Instances, 4 decals) - parametric, some allow for vertex painting, among them water material with dynamic tessellation, 4 interlacing waves and pixel depth gradient.
  •  167 meshes: galleons (in segments + sails with cloth simulation), boats, foliage (bushes, flowers, water plant, bamboo, grass), rocks (several types), coral reef meshes, wooden assets (barrel, trims, posts, masts...), fishing nets, cannon, glass spheres, ropes, metal grates and more.
  • Full merged galleon with the rigging and animated sails
  •  5 Blueprints: Assets emitting light and spline rope.
  • 1 particle system: Bubbles
  • 170 Textures (Texture sizes: 256-2k.)

Scaled to Epic skeleton: Yes, tested with the "3rd person game" project

Collision: Yes, mostly custom, some rocks use generated collision.

Vertex Count: Medium, Optimized tessellation for water and terrain, Merged ship is quite high, use with care!

LODs: Several assets have LOD's (rocks, cannons, barrels, foliage, planks, boats, reef assets)

Number of Meshes: 167

Number of Materials: 109 (Material Instances: 42)

Number of Textures: 170

Supported Platforms: Microsoft Windows

Additional Notes: Sails are done with cloth simulation (damaging fps), use with care! Custom value of the depth pass (stencil number 253) removes the water from the interior of the ship - see the map as an example.

To enable the water removing go to the edit/project settings/Engine-Rendering/Postprocessing/Custom Depth-Stencil Pass and enable with stencil!



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