Shark Attack VR

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Shark Attack VR, Is VR experience of a classic. The demo comes with the boat and the rigged shark. As well as the blue prints to how its created.

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The Shark Attack Scene, is a VR experience designed to be frighting. It comes with high quality boat and VR experience ready to go. It utilizes overlapping triggers to start the shark sequences. The shark is not interactive but simply triggered to cause an animation. There are 4 hot spots in total for 4 animated sequences.

A barrel animation, Shark bite and miss 1 and 2, and Shark swim at boat. It also includes a rigged shark with swim cycle and bite cycle. The Can and Spear can be picked up in engine. All the assets are set in a VR project but can be utilized in other platforms. The EXE requires Oculus and touch controllers. If controls are remapped, they can easily be used in Vive. Please read special notes in information section.

Just the Boat: Boat

Technical Details


  • Boat set
  • Barrel Props
  • Animated Barrel
  • Animated shark
  • Spear Prop
  • Can prop
  • VR experience package.

Texture Sizes: all textures are shared maps of 2048x2048

Scaled To epic Skeleton: Yes

Skeletal Mesh: Yes (Shark)( Intentionally over sized)

Collision: No its set up for VR walk about freely. with interactive Hot spots

Vertex Count: VR effecient


Number of Skeletal Meshes:22

Skeletal Meshes: 3

Number of Materials: 18

Number of Texures: 76


Barrel Animation: Set animation only.

Shark Attack Animation: Set animation Only

Shark Swim Attack at Boat: Set Animation Only

Shark Swim Cylce: Used for all purposes.

Shark Bit Cycle: Used for all purposes.

Free EXE test run: Shark Attack Preview

Spoiler Video: Video Preview

Special Notes: The Set animations will most likely not be able to be utilized outside of this experience. We included a swim cycle and a bite cycle in case you want to get some utilization out of the shark. If you require more customized animations feel free to contact us. The Shark render from the images was taken out of Iray to showcase a higher level of detail then used in the VR setting. The Rest of the images are straight out of UE4.



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