Shared Camera

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This plugin allows the user to use shared camera in any game.

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With this plugin, user can use shared camera in any game. All selected players will be on the same screen such as Gang Beast, Super Smash Bros and other shared screen games. This plugin is compatible with online & local third person - multiplayer games (top down and side scroller). This code is written in c ++ and can be edited in blueprint.

Technical Details

List of Features:

  • Network replicated
  • Smooth movement
  • Up to unlimited players on the same screen
  • Can be edited in blueprint class
  • Compatible with any third person [top down and side scroller] games
  • Compatible with online or local multiplayer games

Code Modules: Runtime

Number of C++ Classes: 1 (Shared Camera Actor)

Network Replicated: Yes

Supported Development Platforms: Windows (Desktop), Mac, IOS, Android

Supported Target Build Platforms: Windows (Desktop), Mac, IOS, Android

Documentation: download here

Example Project: download here || Multiplayer: download here

Executable Project (Win 64): download here || Multiplayer: download here

Important/Additional Notes: Please download and read the documentation file.

Contact Person:

Other Product: check here



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