Shady Forest

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Mixed set of elderly trees for the end of summer atmosphere.

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Video preview HERE

Playable demo HERE (packaged in 4_18)

All the assets seen on video included (except audio).

Mixed set of elderly trees, plants, grasses. rocks, twigs and leaves.

30 meshes, 54 materials / instances, 83 textures, 1 particle fx

2 version of 7 trees (with and without a stump), 3rocks, 3plants, dadelion, pebbles, dead leaves, twigs and a boat

Technical Details

-Number of Meshes: 30

-Collision: (Yes/automatically generated)

-Vertex Count: tree base lods: 8k - 31k 

-other base lods: 100-5k

-LODs: 2-4 lods

-Trees have billboard lod

-Number of Textures: 83

-Texture Sizes: 512x512-4096x4096

-Number of Materials and Material Instances: 54

-2 maps, day/night

-1 particle fx

-2 grass maps

Supported Development Platforms

-Tested on win64, i3 and gtx680

Additional notes

-audio in video preview not included. 

-FPS in 4_20 lower than in 4_18 -4 _19



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