Shadow Map Material Function

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This is independent shadow system with high performance on mobile device, can cast dynamic shadow without light.

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  • Supported Engine Versions


Android Sample APK (Benchmark):

New Features:

  • Add [Very Low] and [Very High] Quality.
  • Support [Morph Target].
  • Support [Geometry Cache].


  • Independent shadow system, draw dynamic shadow by material function without light.
  • Work well without [Mobile HDR], [Mobile HDR] is necessary for [Modulated Shadows] of UE4.
  • Work well with [GoogleVR], [GoogleVR] must disable [Mobile HDR].
  • Enable [Mobile HDR] is OK.
  • Shadow caster can recive shadow. (Self Shadow)
  • Good performance for slower mobile device.
  • Good compatibility for old mobile device.
  • Supported Windows, Mac, iOS and Android.
  • Shadow Mapping depth comparison.
  • Shadow Map Antialiasing by Percentage-Closer Filtering.
  • Pack depth float into a RGBA render target texture, compatible with older mobile device.

Technical Details


ShadowCaptureBP :

Blueprint Actor, place to scene to capture shadow, follows location of [ShadowMapTargetComponent], X-axis of ShadowCaptureBP is virtual light direction.

ShadowMapTargetComponent :

Component, ShadowCapture follows location of ShadowMapTargetComponent.

CastShadowMapComponent :

Component, Actor with this component cast shadow.

ShadowMapMultiply :

Material Function, material with ShadowMapMultiply recive shadow;


  1. Create a map which have a DirectionalLight. Disable [Cast Dynamic Shadows] in DirectionalLight;
  2. Add ShadowCapture to scene and edit ShadowCapture propertys.
  3. Attach CastShadowMapComponent to Actors which cast shadow.
  4. Attach ShadowMapTargetComponent to Actor which be followed by ShadowCapture.
  5. Add ShadowMapMultiply node in material which recive shadow, it should be the final node before Base Color.

Number of Blueprints: 1

Number of C++ Classes: 5

Supported Devlopment Platforms:Win64, macOS

Supported Target Build Platforms: Win32, Win64, macOS, iOS, Android

Documentation: Documentation

Example Project: Github



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