SHA256 Hashing for Networking Sensitive Data

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A single blueprint node that you can use to hash any data

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This is a single blueprint node that will hash plain text. It's main purpose is to hash any login information before sending it over the VaRest plugin with sha256 encryption.

For my setup I use this hasher -> VaRest -> NodeJS > PostgreSQL(Triggers with Bcrypt to rehash and salt) , I can release the VM that this runs on as part of the package if its requested.

It's recommended to use this for networking any sensitive data , please also consider hashing and salting again before it hits any database.

It's also recommended to use HTTPS as an additional security measure.

This package contains the source code.

Technical Details


  • ┬áSecure your players login information.

Number of Blueprints: 1

Supported Target Build Platforms: Any.

Documentation: Documentation should not be required its a pretty simple function. Images in product description show its full use.



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