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A configurable UE4 game launcher plugin with graphics and keyboard settings.

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Create an optional, configurable, titled and logo'd setup front-end loader in which users can edit certain graphics and keyboard options, which will be saved across sessions. Can easily be extended with further functionality, if needed.

- Can be configured to be shown at game start automatically, or only if the user passes the command line parameter '-setup' along
- Decide the game title and logo in the Unreal Editor, and decide which setup options you want to show your users, in which order
- Graphics options include resolution, fullscreen/borderless/windowed mode, vsync and various rendering quality sliders
- Keyboard options include buttons that quickly switch between QWERTY and AZERTY modes and the ability to reassign keys and mouse buttons for axes and actions

Technical Details

- Functionality split between an editor and a game startup element. Set up your basic UI options and look in the editor, then watch it appear when the game is run (as shown in the screenshots)
- Basic graphics options: Fullscreen/borderless/windowed, resolution, VSync
- Graphics quality options for performance tweaking
- Key remapping from project-assigned input keys/mouse buttons, supports most keyboard keys and mouse buttons
- Settings are saved on disk and re-applied on game start

- Combined editor and runtime plugin
- No third party code

Platforms Tested: Windows



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