Settlements: Norse

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Modular Norse-Style settlement construction pack with a countless combination of possibilities.

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Create your own Norse-Style settlements with modular in/exteriors and countless combination possibilities! Create timber constructions and thatch roofed houses, just like playing with bricks.  

This pack contains simple basic construction elements such as walls, windows, door frames, timbers, braces, gables, floors, ceilings and roof parts to create more complex modules. Some of the more complex modules are pre-designed, but you may also use the merge actor tool to create your own custom modules! 

Update 1:

  • minor UV bug fixes (wall tiling)
  • new door added

Technical Details


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  • 43 different timbers, braces, roof beams (different sizes)
  •  9 Wall elements + 8 gable elements
  •  2 window types + 7 window parts
  • 2 doors and 1 door frame
  • 2 picket fence timbers + fence blueprint
  • 4 floor tiles and 2 ceiling frames
  • 8 grass meshes
  • 6 handrail elements
  • 7 roof frame elements
  • 10 thatch roof parts
  • 1 stairs
  • 33 pre-designed modules
  • Showcase map with 5 buildings

Texture Sizes:

  • (1) 8192
  • (75) 4096
  • (14) 2048
  • (6) 1024

Collision: Yes , automatically generated

Vertex Count: up to ~ 11k

LODs: For most models (where needed)

Number of Meshes: 165

Number of Materials and Material Instances: 6 Master Materials and 33 Material Instances

Number of Textures: 95 (BaseColor, Normal, Combined MT R AO)



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