SDF Robo Progress Bars

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The powerful master material usable for creating a wide range of customized progress bars.

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Robo Bars is a powerful and advanced master material usable for creating a wide range of customized progress bars. Package contains 12 predefined excellent styles easy to use for various types of games. Material supports advanced customization that covers most of the possible design requirements. Thanks to SDF functions, the created progress bars always stay sharp.





  • Signed distance functions based rendering. The shape is generated from mathematical functions that give the quality of 'Vectorized' graphics without using huge resolution textures.
  • Configurable for all resolutions.
  • Fully scalable and extendable for more shapes.
  • Can be mixed with SDF and standard textures.
  • Rounded corners of shape colors patterns and progress bar showing.
  • GPU friendly, one draw call per bar.
  • 12 different example themes that can be adjusted to requirements.
  • Unlimited user-defined themes can be created easily using the available properties.
  • Multiple advanced effects of bar burning/fade.
  • Easy to integrate witch UMG.

Technical Details

Number of Master Materials: 2 (UMG, Standard)

Number of Material Instances: 24 Presets

Number of Textures: 11 (2 - 256x256, 2 - 256x8, 3 - 512x512, 4- 32x256)

Intended Platform: Windows

Documentation Included: Yes

Supported Development Platforms: All

Supported Target Build Platforms: Windows



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