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Screenwriter is a tool for creating Screenplay, which could be Dynamic Cutscenes, Interactive Character Dialogue or even complete story progression, that can be easily integrated with your existing game systems.

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Big Update for UE4.20, see the Developer Notes section!

Screenwriter is a Code Plugin featuring Actors, Assets Types and a Graph Editor for creating in-game dynamic Cutscenes, Interactive Character Dialogue scenes, and other story-driven gameplay elements.

The Primary feature is the ability to implement “Acts” for your game, using the Act asset and its associated supporting types.

Acts are an analogue to an Act in Screenplay, being a scripted sequence of Actions, such as Characters speaking, playing Animations or world changing events like a building being destroyed.

The Plugin has a small initial footprint, which is designed to be extended by Gameplay Programmers, to give Designers the power they need in the Game.

The Graph Editor is built using the same system as Blueprints, giving Designers a familiar environment to Script the game. It allows them to add optional Directions during Actions. Branches allow different sequences of Actions to execute based on dynamic in-game Conditions, and also allow multiple Entry Points into the Act.

Example Videos:

These videos demonstrate some possible uses of the Plugin. The implementations are included for free in the Example Project linked to in the Technical Information.

Dialogue Scene:

Branching Scripted Scene:


Technical Details


  • Blueprintable Asset types for implementing Acts.
  • Blueprintable Actor type supporting deferred loading of Act Assets during gameplay.
  • Blueprintable Actor type supporting world-instanced Acts, allowing direct references to other Actors.
  • Blueprint Library Functions for using the Asset Types in other areas of the Game
  • Full-Featured Graph Editor for creating Act Assets.

Code Modules:

  • Screenwriter (Runtime)
  • ScreenwriterEditor (Editor)

Number of Blueprints:

2 - Editor Utilities

Number of C++ Classes:


Network Replicated:


Supported Development Platforms:

Win32, Win64

Supported Target Build Platforms:

Win32, Win64, Android

Example Project:

Refer to this for a get-you-started implementation of a few different scene types!

Developer Notes:

In UE4.20, an update for the Plugin was released containing some minor breaking changes. This Wiki Page has a guide on how to upgrade from any older (pre 4.20) version. This will not affect new users.



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