Sci Fi Unique Hero Asset Pack

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Sci fi unique hero props that suit a variety of story, and could be used as unique pieces throughout a type of modular design.

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Sci fi unique pieces two of which are animated; one of which contains some texture animations on it. The concept suits many sci fi type of game scenarios. Texel density and pixelation were not ignored. All of the materials have HSL and histogram range filters which they supply you to change color information and tweak some textures such as roughness and metallic. Texture sizes easily could be arranged with the help of substance plugin. All materials at least have 5 parameters that allow you to change the view of the product as you wish. Some materials have dirt and grunge settings which are editable. 4 amount of fully procedural material, others were baked. Textures are mostly 4k resolution.

  1. Sci fi radar is designed to be a prop that character can close, and have and interact with.
  2. Sci fi bio lab prop is designed to be a model as a character should put something on conveyor, and this benefits the system; or, the system gives you something biological you need; such as uranium component.
  3. Sci fi panel is made for visualization that a character pass by, and in the screen, it tells that you are in the same lab.
  4. Computer station is designed as character goes on it, and change some settings related to system.
  5. Sci fi jammer is designed as jammer which control the signals all over the level or laboratory.


Technical Details

Preview: link-1



  • Fully PBR Textures tweaked in substance.
  • Some of the lightmaps of the meshes have been done by manually.
  • A few of the models has weird pivot point, but they all will be placed together.
  • All of the Materials have Metallic/Roughness workflow; also they contain spec/gloss Textures to use for other game engines.
  • Color, roughness, metallic, and Ambient Occlusion values are editable.

Texture Sizes:

  • 90 Textures have 4k resolution.

Scaled to Epic Skeleton: Those, animated have epic skeleton.

Collision: Automatically Generated.

Vertex Count: Totally, 156.219.

LODs: Automatically Generated.

Number of Meshes: 22

Number of Materials and Material Instances: 16 Material

Number of Textures: Some Materials have emissive channel, so 90 Textures could be said.

Supported Development Platforms: Windows 7/8/8.1/10

Supported Target Build Platforms: Windows 7/8/8.1/10

Important/Additional Notes: The products are intended to be used as all of the following platforms: Windows/Mac/PS4/XB1. In case it is not working as intended, I will endeavor to fix the problem related to model. Also, Texture sizes are generally 4k except for some of the Materials (1-2) that have up to 2k Material. (Computer Side Material and Sci Fi Radar Material 1 have 2k Texture resolution.)



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