SciFi Decals Pack Vol.1

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SciFi Decals Pack Vol.1 offer 450 high quality images, ideal for SciFi environments, also the pack contains flexible materials to configure the color of the decals.

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450 high quality images with amazing design (original resolution 2048x2048) design to work as decals.

Technical Details


  •  Each decal is RGB mask design to work with a custom material that allow to you customize the color of each decal.
  •  Although the textures original are 2Kx2K, texture was downgrade inside Unreal Engine to 512x512 for optimization purpose.
  •  Each decal has its own roughness map, that allow to you create decal with more visual details.
  • To work properly the decal materials use DBuffer Translucent (Color and Roughness).
  • Perfect to decorate any SciFi environments.
  • NOTE: If want to use the materials in a Mobile project, you need to change the Decal Blend Mode to Translucent of the base material (M_BaseDecal_1). However, roughness feature is lost in this mode.

Texture Resolutions:

  •  RGB Mask Textures 2048x2048.
  •  Roughness Textures 2048x2048

Number of Textures: 900

Supported Development Platforms: PC

Supported Target Build Platforms: PC and Consoles.



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