Sci Fi Texture Pack

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The pack contains 138 instanced materials, 7 master materials, 281 textures. Comes with a few modular models and props to get you going.

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Every material has detail colour and normal maps that you can change the scale of.

The pack comes with 3 colour variations for every main panel that has colour, so you can create areas with different variety.

Sample video

Master Materials include:

Basic Metal Material

Basic Metal with Emissive

Basic Metal with an Alpha mask

Simple sky material

A Glass Material

38 decals that fit a sci fi environment

2 light blueprints that allow you to place and control lighting

62 models for building simple layouts

1 dust particle emitter

2 maps, and overview map and a demo map

Technical Details

PBR: Yes

Wall, ceiling, and floor textures are mostly 512x512 with some being 256x512

Trims range from 512x64 to 128x64

Detail textures with scalable values

Models are all very low poly so they are using their own mesh as the collision. Between 4 vertices and 450.

All models have their 2 UV channel unwrapped for lightmaps

Intended platform: Desktop



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