Sci-fi Modular Corridors

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Futuristic modular corridors for interior with its corresponding exterior part.

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Modular Sci-fi Corridors can be part of a colonial base, a spaceship or simply use as a unique level. With variations of objects you can build endless galleries or very spacious and pleasant spaces.

Perhaps the aesthetic in general is oriented in the near future by the year 2400.

The interior consists of 5 different walls or corridors and with dozens of variations that can be interlaced by the corresponding piecesonsider

- Each inner part has its corresponding external part. Each part joins the next with its corresponding adapter both indoors and outdoors and You ccan use the inside or outside independently of each other too.

- Everything is controllable through blueprints in a simple way, but requires an understanding of the possibilities. 10 tutorial images are delivered that will be included in the package in the next update that will be this week plus the videos that are in progress.

-Has corridors for pleasant walks thanks to the huge or the small windows all modular too.

-The elevator has 2 variations of basic animation and There is another basic animation for the rotation of the energy circle. Animated doors with key E pressure

The materials of the modular blueprints have up to 8 assigned materials that can be changed from the same blueprint.

In addition to the 10 schemes and videos, the following help forum or any talk is available:



Technical Details


  • Hyperdeveloped tileable textures.
  • Textures highly treated to the smallest detail that make up the whole level.
  • Modular with Blueprints that control the 461 meshes in an agile and simple way.
  •  7 Blueprints objects completes.
  •  2 Blueprints Modular Exterior
  • 14 Blueprints Modular Interior
  • 4 Blueprints reference.
  • Includes a sample menu to start the game.
  • 1 Level complete.
  • 1 Level Overview.
  • Contains two basic animations for the Elevator, one basic animation to rotate energy circle and animated doors.

Texture Sizes:

  •  4096 x 4096 is the usual for the 46 main textures.

Scaled to Epic skeleton: Yes, real Scale

Collision: Yes -- custom, automatically generated and per-poly It depends on each case.

Vertex Count: 12 to 37.000

LODs: Yes, The normal thing is between 3 and 4 lods. Everything has lods minus any mesh that does not reach 100 tris or a little more.

Number of Meshes: 461

Number of Materials: 8

Material Instances: 180

Number of Textures: 95

Supported Development Platforms: Windows pc.

Supported Target Build Platforms: Windows test

Documentation: 10 illustrative files will be delivered. Reference blueprints to assist in modular assembly. Videos, the forum and my email



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