Scandinavian Furniture Pack

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Low Polygon Models of Scandinavian furniture collection for your archviz. Coming with 2K texture normal that bring high quality and good details. Assets vary from living room to kitchen and bathroom.

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Scandinavian furniture collection. All low polygon models with high quality for your interior arch visualization. 

I included in this pack a free bonus Scandinavian interior scene with full settings so you can play with your creation by changing furniture in this pack and create your own way. 

You can preview the scene in this short video here: Youtube link:

Technical Details

There are more than 70 models in this pack as below:

  • 10 sofas
  • 3 armchairs
  • 11 dining chairs, pouf and bench.
  • 4 dining tables
  • 4 coffee tables
  • 6 TV boards and book shelves.
  • 2 floor lamps
  • 2 rugs and 2 artworks (Free textures from
  • 10 decoration items
  • 1 basin and faucet, 1 fridge, toiletwares and kitchenwares

Physically-Based Rendering: Yes 

Texture Size: 2: 2048x4096; 85: 2048 x 2048 ; 40: 512x1024; 52: 1024x1024; 4: 1024x2048; 39:512x512; 4: 256x512 and some smaller sizes.

Collision: Yes (auto) 

Average Vertex Count: 2000 

LODs: auto 

Number of Meshes: 70 

Number of Materials and Material Instances: 117  

Engine Compatibility: to 4.18 

Intended Platform: Desktop 

Platforms Tested: Desktop 

Documentation Included: No 

Important\Additional Notes: Tested with Baked GI & Real Time.



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