Scaffolding Pack

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Complete pack of assets to furnish your games with all the scaffolding you could ever need.

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This pack has all the assets it would need to create your own custom-made scaffolding, modular parts to quickly produce large scaffolding structures and completed structures to place straight into your scene.

It includes, animated netting, ladders, trash tubes and a skip that can be used to decorate your scaffolding or placed around the rest of your scene.

Technical Details

This pack includes the following assets :
• 10 Clamps
• 6 Nets (APEX cloth animated)
• 6 Planks
• 6 Tubes
• 12 Modular Pieces
• 4 Complete Structures
• 5 Props (skip, ladder x2, trash tube x2)

Levels of Detail - Yes
Texture Resolution- 2048x2048 (26 Textures)
Number of Materials - 7 Materials

Target Platforms: Desktop, VR, Console



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