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Savior Auto-Save Plugin is a C++ Plugin designed to extend UE4's generic 'SaveGame' system, providing easier to use storage framework for Developers and Designers.

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  • Updates are released for latest two versions or Unreal Engine only.
  • If you don't have latest Unreal Engine installed then you don't have latest Plugin version.
  • Binaries and Code for the v1.x Plugin will be removed on Unreal 4.20 release.

Preview 1.x:

Preview 2.x:

Savior Auto-Save Plugin is a C++ tool designed to extend UE4's generic 'SaveGame' system, providing easier to use serialization framework for Developers and Designers.

Technical Details


  • Savior 2 is tens of times faster than Savior 1.x.
  • Save any Object is supported, not just Actors or Components.
  • Encryption. All data goes through a lightweight, fast, encryption pass.
  • Versioning. Your Game will be able to load old '.SAV' files after patches.
  • Optimized: NO Components needed to be attached thus no memory eaten for the sake of storing data.
  • Optimized: NO destructive workflow. Existing Actors aren't destroyed/replaced, keeping references alive safe.
  • Automatic Level Transitions on Load from Slot.
  • Threaded Save & Load Game Mode, independent of Level.
  • Threaded Save & Load whole Game World or individual Actors.
  • Threaded Save & Load Streamed Levels without pausing the Game.
  • Threaded Save & Load any Dynamic Actors and Components spawned at Runtime.
  • Threaded Save & Load Scale, Location, Rotation, Velocity automatically.
  • Threaded Save & Load Actor's Visibility, Particle Systems' state, etc.


Savior 2 Page

Savior 1.x Page

Demo Projects:

1.5 Demo UE4.15

2.3 Demo UE4.20



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