Savage Werewolf

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Here is a savage werewolf inspired by horror movies and video games. It was made for productions which want create an action horror games with a very good quality model.

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  • Now Savage Werewolf support 4 LODs for each mesh;

It includes some animations like Idle, Walk, Attack, Etc.

Each texture is very detailed and it is possible customize in four colors variations and add part of suit.

It is also possible add a procedural blood textures for each single part of the model.


Features Overview

Animation Overview

Technical Details


Combine pieces of cloths as you want for a custom werewolf;

Four color variation textures;

Procedural blood textures customizable by parametric materials;

Each material set as base color, metallic, roughness and normal map;

Animations in root motion;


Savage Werewolf Features

Number of Character: 1 BaseMesh + 7 Props

Rigged to EpicSkeleton: No

Retarget to Humanoid EpicSkeleton: No

Animated: Yes

Number of Animations: 29

Physic Asset: No

Triangles: 50335 (Body+Fur)

Vertices: 31804 (Body+Fur)

LODs: Yes

Number of Master Materials: 4

Number of Material Instances: 11

Number of Textures: 35

Textures Resolution: 4K

Props Features

Base Shirt Tris: 1232

Ripped Shirt Tris: 1373

Base Pants Tris: 6747

Ripped Pants Tris: 6183

Textures Resolution: 4K



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