Rustic Mirrors Pack

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Advanced rustic mirrors in different shapes and materials, with many parameters which can help adjust mirror (color, metallic, smugdes, etc). Real time reflection and capture on movement provided. Perfect for architectural Visualiztion and games.

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Video presentation: Link

Technical Details

Features: (Please include a full, comprehensive list of the features of the product)

  • Real-time reflection on mirrors
  • Capture every frame and on movement
  • Detailed control over each material (many unique parameters)
  • Custom decals
  • Popular shapes of mirrors
  • Snap to Wall/Ceilling

Texture Size:

  • 4096x4096
  • 2048x2048
  • 1024x1024
  • 256x256

Collision: Yes, automatically generated

Number of Blueprints: 23

Vertex Count: 38 007

Number of Meshes: 24

Number of Materials and Material Instances: 11 (and many parameters for each)

Number of Textures: 42

LODs: No

Supported Development Platforms: Windows

Supported Target Build Platforms: Windows



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