RSv01: 20 Brick/Wall Mats

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Real Surfaces presents: 20 AAA Photogrammetry Brick and Wall Materials

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Real Surfaces presents: 20 AAA Photogrammetry Brick and Wall Materials

- These are legitimately AAA quality PBR textures and materials that would fit right in with the best of current gen blockbuster game titles.
- Each surface has been physically scanned from life for both diffuse and surface bump information, resulting in perfectly realized albedo, normal and height maps that are authentically 'PBR' because they have been baked down from high resolution scanned geometry, instead of being converted from a photograph or sculpted by hand.
- Each texture has been carefully tiled in all directions by hand, and rid of any noticeable repetition using proven AAA production techniques.
- All additional PBR maps are authored using measured real world data, including: Albedo/diffuse, Normal, Roughness/Microsurface, Specular, Ao, and Height/Parallax maps.

Package Content:
- 1 PBR test scene
- 1 parent material
- 20 material instances
- 5 red brick texture sets
- 4 yellow brick texture sets
- 3 white brick texture sets
- 2 Stucco texture sets
- 6 other wall texture sets

Technical Details

- Number of Meshes: 2
- Number of Materials: 20
- Range of Tris (Max and Min): not applicable
- Average Tris – not applicable
- Texture Sizes- All textures are either 2048 x 2048 or 4096 x 2048
- Texture Types – Each set contains an Albedo (Diffuse) map, a Normal map, a Roughness map, an AO map, and a Height map
- Effects (if Applicable) – not applicable

Intended Platform: Desktop/Console



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