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This toolkit is designed for beginner to intermediate developers that want to make a role playing game. The RPG Engine Toolkit is a database driven RPG solution.

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Documentation HERE

Tutorials: youtube.com/playlist?list=PLuRYaYx0HZe3Zu8KXAMRlL3MU6zVV2s57

Playable Demo: gum.co/BIOLQ

Demo Project: gum.co/EpPkw

Demo Overview: youtube.com/watch?v=l-IFx0Pd4RQ

Updated info found HERE

NOTE: I've still working on Version 4.0 This will change the example project to be turn based. I will also be updating and cleaning up code. Interfaces will have a more modular component to help building elements better. Logic will be simplified. I also made the V3.0 too complicated on the database side where all that was needed was simple linking. In the update the weapon and armor parameters will be moved to the BP actor that is referenced in the editor so adding and customizing weapon and armor parameters can be better customized by the user with out also having to edit the database which some have complications using. The more feedback the better I can improve.

Please see the documentation for more.

Support and updates:

As I find better and innovative ways to improve the system I will release more updates to this system.

Technical Details

RPG Database Manager: C# Application

The database manager is used to create Items, Weapon, Armor, Skills, and Magic definitions. You can also define classes with customizable stat progression. Extended sections of the manager includes defining monster groups, Map listing, as well as defining default settings and initial party makeup.

Event flows can also be created and branched for decision making. The modular building allows you to create a building layout in layers and generate them in editor.

The RPG Engine Toolkit:

Houses the RPG Party System the main interface to the database. With this are smart objects for world creation, AI Mob, NPC AI, PC Hero, Character Generator, Battle and Roaming AI, Battle Logic, NPC Crowd Spawner,Monster spawner, Zones Triggers,Treasure Chest,Cut Scene Actors,Hover Board, and Spell Example, NPC Point of interest.

Platforms Tested: Windows

Updates: Please work on a separate copy of the plugin as updates to the engine can overwrite your engine changes. So please copy the plugin to your local project to keep your engine edits.

As always if you are stuck hit me up on my facebook page or via email. Comments on the store do not notify me. I'm always online so let me know. Happy developing!

Hope to see V4 soon-ish. I'm not in a rush I want it to be far better and to have a higher level of presentation.



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