Roguelike MultiPlayer

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Below everything works 100% Blueprint in Multiplayer

  • Supported Platforms
  • Supported Engine Versions
    4.10 - 4.17



100% Blueprint ready multiplayer sample game projects which has all the parts and functions ready to let you create your own multiplayer game with it.

• Ready to go multiplayer system
• AI Bots 100% blueprint which work in multiplayer as well
• Multiplayer Inventory
• Menu Settings for Sound and more
• UMG Damage and Health bar
• Random Dungeon generation
• Item Pick Up System
• Item Drop System
• Fight System with Damage
• Trap Functions
• LevelUp Experience System
• Procedural Dungeon Creating System

Technical Details

Number of Blueprints:32
List of Features:
2D_SoundManager :2D sound manager system
3D_SoundManager :3D sound manager system
AICharacter_Controller : Control over AI's attacks
EnemyCharacter : Handles the base of enemy AI
AIInterface : Enemy AI's interface
AnimeInterface : Animation interface of the character
BTS_VisionCheck : Handles enemy AI's vision check
BTT_Attack : Attack start for enemy AI
BTT_SetWalkSpeed : Adjusting the movement speed for enemy AI
BTT_WanderToPoint : Control over random movements for enemy AI
PlayerCharacter : Handles the player character
Punch : Attack collision for the player
SwordTemplate : Sword collision for the player
MagicTemplate : Magic (fire attack) for the player and enemy
TrapBP : Handles the traps in the dungeon
BomBP : Handles bombs within the game
BP_Relevancy : Treasure box for items
DropItemTemplate : Items been dropped
WorldData : Data in order to automatically generate maps
GameStart : Starts the map generating process
GenerateAsset :Generates assests such as enemies, treasure boxes, traps etc
GridData : Generates walls and flooring
AABB :Room data
QuadtreeSetup : Sets the size for the room
Floor : Mesh for the flooring
Slope : Mesh for the stairs towards the next level and handles the change in level
Wall : Mesh for the wall
NextStageTrigger : The trigger to generate the Slope (stairs to the next level)
RL_GameInstance : Saves the data when progressing to the next level
RL_GameMode : Starts the game and handles player login
RL_PlayerController :Handles the spawning of the player
RL_PlayerState :Saves the state of the player

Engine Compatibility: 4.9-4.17
Intended Platform: Windows, IOs, Android, Mac
Platforms Tested: Windows
Important\Additional Notes: English and Japanese support

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