Rocks Sculpted Textures

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5 seamless rock textures and materials.

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Sculpted Rock Textures and Materials for your games.
This pack contains 3 Master Materials (Tessellation, Bump-Offset an a basic Normal map Material) and 5 Instances per Material.
Through Material Instance you are able to control properties such as, Metallicity, Bump, Tesselation, Roughness, Specularity, AO and Normal intensity.
Each Material includes Albedo, Normal, Specular, Height, Roughness and Ambient Occlusion Map.
All Textures come in 2048, 1024 and 512 variations.
Package Content:
- 3 Cliff Textures.
- 1 Cavern Texture.
- 1 Desert Rock Texture.

Technical Details

Number of Textures: 15 (Total 45)
Texture Size: 2048x2048 / 1024 and 512 variations
Number of Materials: 3 Master Materials (Tesselation, Bump-Offset, Basic) + 5 Instances per Material. Total 15 Instances .
Intended Platforms: Desktop



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