Roads n Streets

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Harness the power of Substance for all of your road spline needs!

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Requires Substance Plugin in order to function

If you do not install the substance plugin this pack will appear empty and not function.

Street ex1:

Street ex2:

Street ex3:

Cobblestone ex:

Street Lines Ex:

3 Modular Substance Materials, set up for Tessellation, for use with the Landscape Spline Tool. 1 basic subdivided spline mesh part included that you can use with the materials for the Landscape Spine Tool, or make your own. And 9 static mesh street parts

What is a Substance Material?:

A substance material is a procedural texture generator, created using the tool Substance Designer. What that means for this is a substance material pack that I have created that generates different asphalt road types and different cobblestone road types for you to use in your projects.

While the pack comes with 11 preset materials for you to use, you can change the look of each of those textures at any time by opening up their substance instance controls found inside the textures folder.

Because this is a texture generator, you can set the resolution of the generated textures to any res you want all the way from tiny 32X32 up to 4K.

Technical Details

Requires Substance Plugin in order to function


  •  Use the included substance parameters to generate you're own unique asphalt roads and cobblestone streets! 
  •  10 preset material instances to get you started and to show what you can create with this substance material pack.
  • 1 basic subdivided spline mesh part, with generated LODs included that you can use with the materials for the Landscape Spine Tool, or make your own.
  • 9 static mesh street parts, with generated LODs for if you don't want to use the spline tool.
  • Source files folder that includes all of the substance designer files used for the creation of this asset pack.

Texture Resolutions:

  •  Textures are set at 2k resolution, but this can be changed at anytime inside of the material instance. 

Number of Materials: 3 master materials 14 material instances

Do Materials derive from a Master Material with instances as variation: (Yes)

Number of Textures: 80

10 static meshes.

Supported Development Platforms: (Windows, MAC)

Supported Target Build Platforms: (Windows, MAC)

Documentation: (

Important/Additional Notes:

Requires Substance Plugin in order to function



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