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Revenge is a custom sports car with character interaction that you can use it in your projects.

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Update Preview

Revenge has realistic physics with improved roll, yaw, pitch behavior while it accelerates, brakes and shifts gear.


* Entering/Exiting Car

* Engine, Tire, Wind and Blow Off Sounds

* Gear shifting effect

* Functional Left/Right Doors

* Functional Steering Wheel

* Functional Rearlights/Frontlights

* Dashboard display and dashboard lights

* Analog and digital speedometer

* Two Car Camera

What`s new with update:

* Third person character added

* First person perspective improved

* Car Entering/Exiting animations added

* Steering wheel controlling animation of the character added

* Gear shifting animation of the character added

*Bug fixes of the vehicle blueprint, character blueprint and the interaction between vehicle and character

*Touch interface for Android added.

*Synchronizing the cameras while the vehicle interaction

The updates are available for the version of Unreal Engine 4.13 and 4.15 or later.

Technical Details

* 1 Demo Level,
* 1 High Quality Vehicle Mesh with 52k faces,
* 1 Low Quality Vehicle mesh with 31k faces,
* 1 Vehicle Blueprint,
* 1 Vehicle Animation Blueprint,
* 1 Character Blueprint,
* 25 Materials,
* 14 Textures with 2048 x 2048 Resolution,
* 4 Normal Maps,
* 9 Audio Files,
* 2 Blender Files one for High and another for Low Quality Mesh
* and Documentation.

The most of materials are textured.

Intended Platform: Windows, Android, Google Cardboard and Daydream.



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