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Retro 80`s Styled Space fighter fully featured with cockpit, landing struts, and a host of other features. Designed for ease of use, the ship comes as static mesh, rigged skeletal mesh, and separate ship, cockpit, flight sticks, and missile models.

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The retro 80`s Styled Hades Starfighter Mk2 is a fully featured space fighter with a detailed cockpit, with Flight stick and thrust controls. The ship comes as separate static mesh pieces for ease of use and the screens are separate materials and easy to set up with your project. The ship has many features such as landing struts and a host of other features that give this low poly fighter plenty of character. Complete with 4k PBR textures and materials with 4 variations this ship is designed for ease of use and is packed with detail and character.

The model comes with a Blueprint of the cockpit and controls set up and ready for use.

Technical Details


  • Retro detailed Design and full cockpit & Controls
  • Includes Fully rigged Skeletal Mesh 
  •  Includes Static Meshes of Ship, Cockpit, Controls, Missiles and is designed for ease of use
  • Separate Cockpit Mesh (10k Tris / Polys)
  • Light Poly version with no cockpit etc and 3 LODS (17k polys, 7756 polys, 1715 Polys)
  • Separate Missiles (160 Polys)
  •  4k PBR textures and materials an 4 Variations
  • Cockpit screens set up to be easily customised
  • Separate Glass Material For Cockpit

Texture Sizes:

  •  8x FighterBase Texture 4k (4xColour, Metal, Roughness, Normal, AO)
  •  8 x FighterBaseParts Texture 4k (4xColour, Metal, Roughness, Normal, AO)
  • 9 x Cockpit Texture 4k (4xColour, Metal, Roughness, Normal, AO, Emissive)
  •  9 x Cockpit Cover texture 2k (4xColour, Metal, Roughness, Normal, AO, Emissive)
  • 5 x Cockpit Chair Controls 4k (Colour, Metal, Roughness, Normal, AO)
  • Missile texture 1k (Colour, Metal, Roughness, Normal, AO)
  • 6 x Screen Textures 1k
  • CitySTSpacebox - HDRI texture 4096 x 2048

Scaled to Epic skeleton: (No)

Collision: (Yes, Simple Collision is set up - automatically generated)

Vertex Count: (FULL - Skeletal Mesh) 44229

LODs: 3

Number of Meshes: 8 (1 is Full - Skeletal)

Number of Materials and Material Instances: 44

Number of Textures: 51

Supported Development Platforms: (PC / VR)

Supported Target Build Platforms: (PC, VR, Consoles)

Documentation: (

Important/Additional Notes:

View the ship on Sketchfab



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