Retro Game Music Pack: "My Sword Is Shorter" And More

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A carefully designed set of 8-bit casual music tracks (intro, play, gameover, clear) to make a pixel-art-style retro RPG, adventure, arcade, and puzzle games.

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Jiffycrew provides a carefully designed set of 8-bit casual music tracks to make pixel-art-style retro games. The music tracks can be especially suitable for retro RPG, adventure, arcade, and puzzle games. We revised the structures and tones of those tracks until when we could believe a certain level of addiction happens.

The five included tracks were designed to fulfill a complete audio experience (intro, play, gameover, and clear) of users in a simple casual game. The five tracks are made from three different main themes. Intro and gameover tracks share the same theme. The two gameplay tracks are variations of the same theme, too.

We also provide two more sound effect wav files for item/money acquisition.

Tracks (Cues): 

1. WhyAmIHere (intro/menu)

2. MySwordIsShort (gameplay)

3. MySwordIsShorter (gameplay)

4. WhyAmIThere (gameover)

5. LonelyParadise (gameclear)

Wav list:

1. WhyAmIHere Loop Wav (00:48)

2. MySwordIsShort/Shorter Intro Wav (00:05)

3. MySwordIsShort Loop Wav (00:53)

4. MySwordIsShorter Loop Wav (00:53)

5. WhyAmIThere Loop Wav (00:48)

6. LonelyParadise Loop Wav (00:31)

7. FX_Low Wav (00:01)

8. FX_High Wav (00:01)

Technical Details

Number of Audio Wavs: 8

Number of Audio Cues: 5

Sample rate / bit rate: 44.1 kHz, 16bit Stereo WAVs

Does music loop: Yes



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