The robot MAARS

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The Modular Advanced Armed Robotic System – MAARS. Military remote-controlled robot

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Primarily, content includes fully-controlled robot MAARS equipped with light machine gun M240B, which is ready for implementation into any game or demo. You can easily change its gun, repaint color and implement additional functionality via blueprints. Additionally, there are muzzle flash and bullet clip effects for shooting.

You can add the MAARS to any project, just make sure you have all the necessary key event bindings in the project settings. You can find input events in BP_MAARS blueprint.

Technical Details

• Physically-Based Rendering: Yes
• Texture Size: from 256x256 up to 2048x2048
• Collision: Yes, custom
• LODs: 1
• Rigged: Yes
• Number of Meshes: 3
• Number of Materials and Material Instances: 8
• Number of Textures: 14
• Number of Blueprints: 3
• List of features: full control over robot, shooting/aiming mechanics



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