Red Tree Melee Plugin

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This plugin allows you to setup your own weapons for per bone accurate hit detection.

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Text Documentation: Click Here

Video Documentation: Click Here

Sample Project: Click Here


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  1. Per-bone accurate hit detection on weapons of your making.
  2. Custom collision setup so you can specify what parts of your weapon do damage and what parts don't.
  3. Real Time collision updates so you can add collision and remove collision from your weapon at run time.
  4. Control over when damage detection starts and ends.
  5. Debug mode so you can see exactly when and where your weapons are hitting and doing damage.
  6. Coded in C++ for efficiency but exposed to BP's so you need no knowledge of C++ to take advantage of this plugin.
  7. Full C++ Documentations available inside plugin.

Technical Details

Number of C++ Classes: 1

Network Replicated: Can be setup in BP for multiplayer.

Supported Development Platforms: Desktop


Important/Additional Notes: If you any questions or concerns email me at

Text Documentation:

Video Documentation:



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