Realtime Global Illumination Spotlight

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Advanced Spotlight that supports Realtime Global Illumination (GI).

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If you don't know what GI is:

100% Blueprint project, this Spotlight supports Realtime Global Illumination (GI). Keep in mind that it is an approximate result. The performance cost depends on your setup and your settings, it is a good solution to achieve a realistic flashlight in your game, there are only a few AAA games that implements a flashlight with Realtime GI, such as The Last of Us, Uncharted 4, Gears of War 4 and so on.
It works well in small scenes, it's less accurate in large open areas but still do its job.
If you are an artist, you could use it to preview the indirect light before the bake.
The source light can be static, stationary or movable.
The GI is influenced by some parameters from the source light, such as: intensity, attenuation, inner and outer cone, temperature and so on.

Technical Details

- 1 Blueprint
- 1 Material
- 2 Material Functions
- 3 Material Instances
- 1 Overview Map



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