Realistic Raccoons & Red Panda

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Beautiful Raccoons to make your main character or your critters

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Here Comes the realistic versions for the (Raccoons and Red Pandas)

⭐This Version Includes the Poly Art One⭐

Sketchfab Preview Realistic


Some Example of what you can achieve :


There are NO Blueprints included. The packages comes with just the raw models, Textures, and Animations.
(My current skills on UE4 are not that good yet ... not like on "The other engine" ... and I don't want to create half baked Blueprints that can cause more harm than good.... not until my UE4 skills are improved.
I hope you guys understand...
I will make the Blueprints eventually (Free of charge) ... but for now I'm focusing on bringing all the asset on the Marketplace too... since a lot of people have asked me.

Technical Details

6 different Styles for Poly Art (Common, Albine , Brown, Black , Gray , Red Panda) NO Magic Mode

6 different Styles for Realistic (Common, Brown, Black , Gray , Red Panda 1 , Red Panda 2)

Also includes a Rabbit with Morphs/Blend Shapes to add more customization.

Scaled to Epic skeleton: Yes

Rigged: Yes

Rigged to Epic skeleton: No

Animated: Yes

Number of characters: 11

Triangle counts of characters Realistic: 10646

Triangle counts of characters Poly Art: 3026

Number of Meshes: 11

Texture Resolutions Poly Art: (128x64)

Texture Resolutions Realistic: (4k)

Number of Animations: 179

Animation types: Root Motion & In-place

Engine Compatibility: 4.14+

Intended Platform: ANY

Platforms Tested: Windows



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