Realistic Landscapes Bundle 3

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Third bundle of four huge landscapes. 64 Square Kilometers each.

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These landscape are part of "AFFORDABLE LANDSCAPES - PREMIUM" bundle.

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Realistic Landscapes Bundle 3 is a bundle of four huge landscapes. 64 Square Kilometers each. Intended to provide you a base to build your project on. Each landscape provides 64 Square Kilometers playable area. All landscapes come with paintable layers and have the ability to add even more layers.



1x Mesas Landscape

1x Rugged Landscape

1x Barren Landscape

1x Moon Landscape

4x Pebbles

1x Bush

5x Background Meshes

9x Custom functions

- Mask Modifier

- Global Normal Variation

- Cloud Panner

- Distance Fade

- Displacement Fade

- Distance Tessellation

- Grass Colorizer (This function is the same as the function in our Advanced Grass Shader package)

- Colorizer

- Mixer

2x Grass Types

Technical Details


• Extensive material customization using the landscape material instance.

• Advanced Grass Material package is bundled here as bonus content.

• Controllable distance based landscape and mesh tessellation.

• Library of custom plug and play functions.

• 64 Square Kilometers of playable area.

• Fully heightmap based layer blending.

• Dynamic Layered Cloud shadows.

• Paintable landscape layers.

• Background meshes.

PBR: Yes

LODs: Yes

Texture size: Up to 4K

[4] Landscapes

[14] Meshes

[19] Materials

[21] Material Instances

[42] Material Functions

[79] Textures

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Additional note: Lowpoly background mountains that are placed outside landscapes contain no lods since their whole purpose is to design the far horizons.



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