Realistic Cliff/Beach Sounds

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9 loopable Coast Sounds

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Whether the coast or the beach. The open sea or on land. Waves make noise. This noise is a combination of many small drops of water and at the same time huge masses of water. We recorded these sounds for you in 44,100 hz. These crystal-clear sounds must not be missing in any high quality game.

You can loop any sound or mix it. Certain parts can also go well with a river. Here, the loop should be adjusted so that the waves are not too big. We wish you a lot of fun and if there are any problems or questions email us!

Technical Details


  • Number of Audio Waves: 9
  • Number of Audio Cues: 9
  • Sample rate / bit rate: (i.e. 44.1 kHz, 16bit Stereo WAVs)
  • Do Sound FX loop: (Yes)
  • Minutes of audio provided: 9:46 Minutes (568 secounds)
  • Supported Development Platforms: (Windows,Linux,Playstation,XBox,Mac)
  • Supported Target Build Platforms: (Windows,Linux,Playstation,XBox,Mac)
  • Documentation: ( )
  • Important/Additional Notes: If you want you can cut the WAVs in the "UE" for special parts. (set the start end end time)

Enjoy the sound of waves.



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