Realistic Blueprint Weapons

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Easily implement realistic weapons in Blueprints. Guns, bows or catapults.

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The Realistic Blueprint Weapons system is a plug-n-play set of Blueprints for your game.

You can easily create all sorts of projectile weapons, from high powered sniper rifles over pistols and shotguns to bows, crossbows to mortars and catapults. If it fires a projectile, these Blueprints can handle it.

The flight of projectiles is calculated using the same algorithms used by professional ballistic calculators. Simplified enough to be easy to use. Real enough to produce realistic results.

Included in this pack is a character set up using one of the weapons. It demonstrates how to attach the weapon to a socket on your character and how to handle shooting the weapons you create. Reloading and fixing weapon jamming also demonstrated.

Set up a project:

How to put the weapon in hand:

3rd person:

Settings explained:

Penetration explained:

Technical Details

The ballistics model used in this project creates a very realistic flight path for your projectiles.

Factors such as air density, bullet weight, caliber, shape of the bullet and muzzle velocity all affect the flight.

Implement burst, single shot or full auto weapons with just a few clicks.

Set your own damage variable or get the raw Joule value of the impact.

Multiplayer compatible.



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