Realistic Atmosphere 2.0

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Physically-accurate planetary atmosphere material.

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Physically-accurate planetary atmosphere material intended for use by game developers, filmmakers and other artists. It is powerful, flexible, efficient and easy to use. Key features are:

• Realism
The material simulates the behavior of sunlight in the atmosphere. It accurately reproduces real-world phenomena such as scattering and absorption which are responsible for the blue color of the sky and the red color of sunset and sunrise.

• Realtime editing
No need to create any special assets. When you change parameters on the atmosphere blueprint you immediately see the result.

• Flexibility
You are not constrained to only create Earth-like atmospheres. You have full control over scattering and absorption parameters. By customizing them you can achieve more alien or stylized look.

• Surface and space view
The material supports both space and surface views with seamless transition between them.

• Quality settings
Trade accuracy for performance or vice versa. Three quality options are available: High, Medium and Low.

Technical Details

Number of materials: 2
Number of material instances: 36
Number of material functions: 28
Number of demo maps: 4
Number of blueprints: 1
Number of utility blueprints: 4
Number of static meshes: 2
Number of textures: 4

Total number of assets: 81

Planet textures featured on the screenshots are created by Robert Stein III and are distributed under CC-BY-3.0 license. For legal reasons I am NOT able to distribute these files through the Marketplace, so they are NOT included in this package. If you want to use these textures in your project you can download them directly from the author's website.

Here's the list of textures I used originally for my demo maps:

All textures were rescaled to 2048x2048 before they were imported to the engine.

I will gladly answer any your questions related to this product by email.



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