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Real-time import and use sound (wav) and image (png,bmp,jpg) files in a compiled/packed game.

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You can import sound and image files from the hard disk or from the internet (additional plugin required) into a compiled/packed game with this plugin. Two examples: It is possible to download individual sound files from the server you join and let play them via the chat (like in the old Counterstrike). In one of my projects it is possible to draw a PNG in a menu and add it as a Texture to my character mesh.

Note that the files are cached in RAM and cannot be removed. No additional RAM is consumed by the same files.

Demo Video*, Demo (Windows 64 .exe)

Demo Project(Requires this and Webcommunication Plugin.)

Demo Project without webcommunication plugin(Requires this Plugin.)

I offer here many other plugins to download files in-game (Webserver, FTP, TCP).

* I used my WebCommunication plugin to download the images in this video. This must be purchased separately. *² It's a 4.18 project. You can change the version to a newer version by right-clicking on the .uproject file. 

Technical Details

  • Load and Play wav Files (16 Bit only)
  • Load PNG,JPG and BMP Files and add it to Materials
  • Load via Game Task or Asynchronous Background Task (Don't affect game performance)
  • Additional blueprint nodes to read and create files
  • Include C++ Source for C++ Projects
  • Documentation
  • Support: (ENG,GER)

Changelog (4.18, 4.19, 4.20)

  • (09/04/2018) Version 1.1: Bugfix: Willfully corrupted wav files could cause a crash. Wav files must now be at least 100 bytes in size.
  • (11/07/2018) Version 1.2: Editor Crash fixed. Wav file loading optimized.



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