Randomized Medieval City House

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A procedural house system for quickly assembling medieval/fantasy city scenes and levels.

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Video link: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5O-SZfLlSvA

Looking to build a medieval city level but don't have the time to put together dozens of modular buildings? The randomized medieval city house is a single Blueprint object that can yield different houses each time it it duplicated. Don't like how one tuned out? The object's details panel allows the developer to control the individual variables such as height, color, wear, window shapes, roof shapes, and more or just re-randomize the whole house. Build entire streets in a matter of minutes rather than hours or days!

Technical Details


  •  Randomized house Blueprint controlling window, door, and roof shape, floor count and sizes, wall color and wear, and interior option. Variables can be refined in the object's details panel.
  •  Door Blueprint for adding a functioning door (to use if the interior option is used). Includes a one or two directional option, two mesh shapes, and three texture variants. By default it is controlled by the player's (0) distance.
  •  BONUS: Sidewalk spline, market stall, shop sign Blueprint, lanterns (standing and hanging), rope/streamer spline, and small well mesh.

Texture Size: All Texture resolutions are 1024x1024.

Collision: Yes. Mostly automatically generated collisions, but the stairs and roofs use custom box collisions.

Vertex Count: Most meshes range from 10 to 200 vertexes, but the main body meshes range from 300 to 1000.

LODs: Automatically generated LODs. Mostly LevelArchitecture LOD group.

Number of Blueprints: 8 Blueprints

Number of Meshes: 83 Meshes

Number of Materials and Material Instances: 36 Materials

Number of Textures: 85 Textures

Input: Construction Blueprint variables are controlled through the details panel.

Supported Development Platforms: Windows was used to develop the project.

Supported Target Build Platforms: The project was made for PC, Mac should be compatible as well (the Blueprints are basic enough that there shouldn't be any conflicts).

Documentation: N/A



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